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Our Mission

Brown's Amusements has a unique way of conducting business with our fairs and events. We look upon our working relationship as a partnership. Together, we will work to achieve the best event we can through, preparation, promotions and profitability. We like to call this our Three P's of Success. Recognizing that the event will run smoothly if we work together, Brown's Amusements encourages our sponsors (you) to work closely with us daily to ensure every opportunity is gained.
Secondly, we also recognize our customers as partners. If it were not for them, we would be without jobs. They are truly the purpose of our work, not an interruption of it. They are our employers, as they provide our paychecks. Brown's Amusements has a commitment to providing these partners with the best Carnival Midway possible, sending them home with fun-filled memories and eager anticipation for out return.
Thirdly, Brown's Amusements believes that our employees are an essential asset and and invest a great deal of time and money in training our employees. Our twice-daily staff meetings enforce the ability to continue the training process. Each employee is trained thoroughly on his or her assigned position. This training is documented and monitored. Ride personnel are encouraged to be cross-trained on as many rides as possible. This allows for more flexible scheduling for days off and breaks.
Browns amusements believes in boosting moral through positive programs, one of those being the "Employee of the Week" award. Management chooses an employee each week who exemplifies the work ethics set forth by management. The employee receives an award during a weekly employee meeting. It's this kind of motivational reinforcement that help establish stable employees and low turnover rates.

The Fun Zone

The Fun Zone The Fun Zone The Fun Zone The Fun Zone
Browns Amusements
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